Avanti Derma’s Girth Enhancement
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Glans Enhancement - Scrotal Relaxation - Ventral Phalloplasty

Dr. Casavantes, Cosmetic Dermatology Expert

Luis Casavantes, MD

Avanti Derma™ is a premier practice in the world of Medical, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Dermatology, which has gained unparalleled credibility in facial reconstruction for the restoration of normalcy after illness, injury, congenital deformities and aging. Using long lasting or permanent soft tissue fillers and employing technologies derived from treating physical deformities, Dr. Luis Casavantes is a recognized leader in cosmetic improvement of most body areas including penile girth enhancement, facial rejuvenation, facial reconstruction, hand rejuvenation and muscle enhancement, to mention a few.

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Girth Enhancement

The nonsurgical Girth Enhancement procedure offered by Avanti Derma™ is an outpatient procedure performed with breaktrough Exact Implantation Technology™ (EIT).

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The Products

We offer both Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) based soft tissue fillers, giving patients the option to choose between a permanent and a temporary product.

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Nonsurgical, minimally invasive Girth Enhancement offered at Avanti Derma™

Avanti Derma™ offers all available medical cosmetic procedures designed with a better physical appearance in mind. All procedures are minimally invasive, outpatient and almost pain free.

Combined treatments including absorbable and non-absorbable soft tissue fillers, laser, IPL, botulinum toxin and other resources, allow Avanti Derma™ physicians to offer the best possibilities for patients in search for a better personal image.

Avanti Derma™ offers the revolutionary concept of Volumetric Plasty™, cosmetic procedures designed to restore normalcy through volume manipulation:
- Abnormal fat deposits are surgically removed with liposuction or other surgical techniques.
- Areas with loss of volume are replenished with fat grafts or soft tissue fillers.
Volumetric Plasty™ is used to re-sculpt most areas of the body.

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